I have a great story from the fall of 2020.

I had been contracted by a local architect, Vince Barter to photograph a home he designed. It was my first time photographing a home in this way and I was nervous. Vince and I had only met through email and I had a basic idea of what he was looking for.

So I arrive at the home and I get started. Taking a bit of time looking at the home differently than I would would a regular real estate shoot. I was excited about so many aspects and potential shots. At that time I also met a couple other individuals, one being Charlotte Henry who had done the interior designing of the place. She asked for some photos as well. *gulp*

I’m pretty sure I started sweating like crazy and I was already nervous. The expectations! Interior design is not something I had experience in and again, similar to real estate but different. I had to trust myself, take a zillion photos on a tripod and then others freehanded. The home had also been staged which helped out a lot and made for some attention focused areas.

I really had nothing to worry about. The end results were fantastic! Not only are the photos some of my favourites but it solidified future projects with both Vince & Charlotte.

What do you like about the design of this home? Is there any elements that grab your attention?

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