3D Tours Now Available!

I am thrilled to announce that I am now offering 3D virtual tours using the iGuide camera system!

The iGuide camera creates 3D virtual tours of properties and floor plans that are hosted online for you or clients to view. As many people know, these 3D tours are being used by real estate brokerages everywhere including the three brokerages in Yellowknife.

Screenshot from iGuide.com

What makes this special is that I am the only independent owner of this equipment in Yellowknife. You no longer need to go through a real estate brokerage to get a virtual tour or floor plans of your property!

PLUS, I own the newest version of the iGuide, see illustration below for the comparison of the style.

What excites me about the new version of the iGuide is how light the camera is and also the time spent on-site creating the tour will be cut in half!

Who can benefit from this service?

  • Property owners for rental listings
  • Property owners selling privately
  • Interior designers
  • Construction companies
  • Commercial property owners

The list goes on! Anyone who has space that they want to showcase online basically. There are various options available as to how detailed floor plans can be and if the virtual tour is only available to you for reference.

Contact me today for more information, quotes or questions!

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