Facebook LIVE for Your Business

Have you ever tried going LIVE on Facebook?

Going LIVE is probably one of the most cost effective ways to reach an audience on video.

Listed below are some pros and cons to consider before hitting that record button.


  • Free with limited equipment needed
  • Potential to attract a larger audience (approx. 28,780,000 Facebook users in Canada)
  • Immediate interaction and ability to provide information which shows transparency and authenticity
  • Content saves to Facebook so it is available after the LIVE stream
  • Commercial free!
  • Video as a format to view content is more desirable
  • No video editing required which makes a LIVE video a quick way to make content


  • Technical glitches such as slow wifi connection or loss of cell network connection
  • Blurry or choppy video because of connection issues
  • No viewers or engagement
  • What happens during the LIVE is recorded/unpredictability
  • Equipment battery failure

If going LIVE feels intimidating, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself such as writing a bit of a script or talking points that you can reference while speaking. You could also pretend you are talking to a friend and explaining your business and talking about how you got your business started. You could also create your own Q&A as a way to have content to talk about in case there is limited engagement.

Watch this video below to watch how to go LIVE on Facebook and how it can benefit your business:

Talking about Facebook LIVE for your business. #exsm5510

Posted by Michelle MacDonald Media on Monday, December 13, 2021

Final advice:
Feel free to start small by taking 5 minutes to introduce yourself and your business.

Or if you have further questions, contact me today!

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