Floating Thru the Holidays

We are a couple days into the new year already and it’s hard to believe it is already 2022! I’m back to my 9-5 tomorrow after a 10 day staycation which was well needed and appreciated. I spent some time cooking, baking, streaming, floating in a a decompression chamber, decluttering and reading. It was my priority to accomplish some tasks but also spend time doing things I enjoy.

Items that I baked: gingerbread cake with maple cashew sauce (not pictured), chocolate truffle pie, and chocolate pumpkin seed cookies. For cooking, outside of a Christmas meal, I made roasted kale & sweet potato soup and tofu taco dip. All of it was so delicious!

The only book I completed was “The Every” which I recommend if you are fascinated with the future. It’s a sequel to the “The Circle” which was made into a movie a couple years ago. It was a fascinating and slightly terrifying look at life where all decisions are made for us by AI and giant corporations.

I also was sure to watch a bunch of Christmas movies, especially my favourites: The Holiday (Jack Black & Kate Winslet are so wholesome) and Klause (on Netflix). Between the Christmas and the New Year, I also made sure to catch the new Disney movie Encanto which was wonderful!

Lastly, my spouse and I took time to go on a “date” and spend time at a new business in Yellowknife called Cetana. We spent 90 minutes floating in sensory deprivation pods which was insanely relaxing and helped soothe some achy muscles. I highly recommend! This was my second float and I hope to go back again soon.
(I actually photographed this business recently, as I shared on Instagram, for a project. It’s a really cool place and I was honoured to showcase this cool new place!)

What did you do over the holiday season? Were you able to find time for you or things you enjoy? Comment below.

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  1. I spent time with the kids, which was nice. It’s been a long time since 100% of my focus was on them and not work as well. I too, did a float! It’s so relaxing and a great way to 100% take time for yourself.

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