Nostalgic for Old Tech

Today I stumbled across and old device that made me instantly long for technology of the past. Just look at this beaut:

Classic Blackberry Curve with the physical keyboard, removal battery and notification light. I’m just missing the belt holster to fully complete this picture.

I loved Blackberry!

It’s not a well known fact but I used to work for Blackberry/RIM over a decade ago in Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario.

What did I do at Blackberry? I started out on the night shift, (midnight to 8am) testing devices and accessories for RoHS on an x-ray machine and the solder ability of components, in the Materials Interconnect Lab. Not four months later, I was bumped to the day shift where I used my admin skills and kept the lab organized. It was a lab filled with such intellectual people (chemists, metallurgist) who were wonderful colleagues. There are so many fond memories with that crew that I will cherish.

I will always feel proud to be part of Blackberry/RIM’s history and probably why I feel so attached to their defunct devices to this day!

Is there an old piece of tech that you wish could come back?

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