Outdoor Green Tech

With the past two years forcing all of us to contemplate what is important to us, I started thinking about ways to get outdoors more often. I didn’t grow up playing sports and working out at the gym is not very inspiring to me so I did some research and ended up buying this:

Mariner – Volt Bike

She is a beautiful bike! Not only am I getting outdoors more but I am able to zoom around at upwards of 30km/hour.

Recently I went to my very first eBike meet up during Earth Week and what an adventure! Two days before the event I did a trial run to make sure I was comfortable getting to the location of the meet. On the morning of, the temp was chilly and I dressed accordingly and I was pumped. At the intersection beside the group of eBike enthusiasts, my right pedal flew off across the busy intersection! Despite my bike weighing about 70 pounds, I was able to get myself on top of the cement median after I crossed the intersection. Fortunately I was able to pick up the pedal and push my bike to the event. And the bonus feature of this bike and one of the main reasons I went with this model, it folds and fits in my suv:

I did enjoy spending time at the meet-up chatting to people about my wheels and why I enjoy using a bike again. I also got interviewed by my favourite local radio station:

I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time using my sweet pair of wheels as the temperature rises!

What sport or equipment do you look forward to using this summer?

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