News Release: Radio Show

I am embarking on a new project – a radio show on Cabin Radio!

Radio has become part of my identity over the past 13 years and I finally found the confidence to give myself a chance at hosting my own show! I share more about that story tomorrow on-air.

I hope that you will tune in tomorrow, Sunday June 5, to the soft launch broadcast of this show. Two hours of upbeat tunes and positive vibes!

Outdoor Green Tech

With the past two years forcing all of us to contemplate what is important to us, I started thinking about ways to get outdoors more often. I didn’t grow up playing sports and working out at the gym is not very inspiring to me so I did some research and ended up buying this:

Mariner – Volt Bike

She is a beautiful bike! Not only am I getting outdoors more but I am able to zoom around at upwards of 30km/hour.

Recently I went to my very first eBike meet up during Earth Week and what an adventure! Two days before the event I did a trial run to make sure I was comfortable getting to the location of the meet. On the morning of, the temp was chilly and I dressed accordingly and I was pumped. At the intersection beside the group of eBike enthusiasts, my right pedal flew off across the busy intersection! Despite my bike weighing about 70 pounds, I was able to get myself on top of the cement median after I crossed the intersection. Fortunately I was able to pick up the pedal and push my bike to the event. And the bonus feature of this bike and one of the main reasons I went with this model, it folds and fits in my suv:

I did enjoy spending time at the meet-up chatting to people about my wheels and why I enjoy using a bike again. I also got interviewed by my favourite local radio station:

I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time using my sweet pair of wheels as the temperature rises!

What sport or equipment do you look forward to using this summer?

Nostalgic for Old Tech

Today I stumbled across and old device that made me instantly long for technology of the past. Just look at this beaut:

Classic Blackberry Curve with the physical keyboard, removal battery and notification light. I’m just missing the belt holster to fully complete this picture.

I loved Blackberry!

It’s not a well known fact but I used to work for Blackberry/RIM over a decade ago in Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario.

What did I do at Blackberry? I started out on the night shift, (midnight to 8am) testing devices and accessories for RoHS on an x-ray machine and the solder ability of components, in the Materials Interconnect Lab. Not four months later, I was bumped to the day shift where I used my admin skills and kept the lab organized. It was a lab filled with such intellectual people (chemists, metallurgist) who were wonderful colleagues. There are so many fond memories with that crew that I will cherish.

I will always feel proud to be part of Blackberry/RIM’s history and probably why I feel so attached to their defunct devices to this day!

Is there an old piece of tech that you wish could come back?

Geeking out: Midcentury Modern

In 2018 I was introduced to the amazing city of Palm Springs, California by friends when we joined them on vacation. These friends were absolutely enthralled with this city and we quickly found out why.

It’s a beautiful city filled with old Hollywood, midcentury modern architecture (MCM) and a beauty that’s hard to put in words. It’s a place where you can do whatever fits you. It’s a place that is relaxing and with opportunities to party or lose yourself at the casino. Even between us friends, we all had different ideas of what a vacation is and it fits all of us. We’ve toured Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon home, watched drag competitions at Hunters, rolled some dice at a couple casinos, hiked beneath towering palm trees and had fires under the stars. I absolutely adore the place and it has influenced my taste!

The three times that I’ve vacationed in Palm Springs, we have rented homes which has given me the opportunity to use my real estate photography skills (albeit having my gear on me so cell phone photos have had to do) and appreciate MCM design even more.

It has also influenced by home decor which I have slowly been changing to become more MCM style but most importantly, it has also shaped my business aesthetic!
About a year ago I worked with Sylvia at Signed to come up with a new logo design and I supplied her with this:

Which became my current logo and theme that I love:

You just never know where inspiration will hit and how it impacts various aspects of your life.

Is there a design or decor style that you love and want to incorporate it into your life?

Tools of the Trade

Running a photography business requires a number of tools and software programs and I want to share with you, 5 of my favourites:

Canva: This is the best alternative to Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, if you aren’t very skilled in graphic design programs. (It’s a skill I need to work on!). A free account is limiting but for $13/month ($156/year) it is an affordable option. The web based program is insanely robust! You can create IG posts, produce Tiktok videos, record yourself into a presentation, or just create a poster. Most of my social media content is created on Canva.

Pixieset: I have just started to use this program as a way to share photos with my clients. It’s a much more efficient and secure system compared to what I started out using which was Google photos. I still need to integrate Pixieset into my website more but it functions well enough for now. What I love about this site is that I am alerted with the client downloads the photos and I can also keep the photos secure with pin codes. The user interface is simple to use and the gallery layouts are very clean. It is a pricier option so if you are just starting out, I recommend using Google Photos or Google Drives.

Adobe Lightroom: All of my photos are editing in Lightroom (and sometimes Photoshop) which is honestly the best option for professional photo editing. I know there are other options but it’s a program I am comfortable with. There are so many free tutorials to help you learn and I’m always learning something new!

Snapseed: If you are sharing content on the go and need to quickly edit a photo, download Snapseed. It integrates well with Android phones with the ability to quickly edit in the app. It has so many functions that it’s almost a mini version of Lightroom. It’s a free app too for both Apple and Android!

Square: To keep all of payments accounted for, I use Square. It offers me the flexibility to input any kind of payment and provide an option for credit card payments. It has handy report features which help for tax time and the only time I pay for the service is when I process a credit card. (Note: I only offer credit card payments for small sales/individual payments otherwise the % rate Square keeps cuts too much into the invoice and would require a cost increase to the client.

Do you use any of these programs or have any favourites of your own that you would like to share?

Floating Thru the Holidays

We are a couple days into the new year already and it’s hard to believe it is already 2022! I’m back to my 9-5 tomorrow after a 10 day staycation which was well needed and appreciated. I spent some time cooking, baking, streaming, floating in a a decompression chamber, decluttering and reading. It was my priority to accomplish some tasks but also spend time doing things I enjoy.

Items that I baked: gingerbread cake with maple cashew sauce (not pictured), chocolate truffle pie, and chocolate pumpkin seed cookies. For cooking, outside of a Christmas meal, I made roasted kale & sweet potato soup and tofu taco dip. All of it was so delicious!

The only book I completed was “The Every” which I recommend if you are fascinated with the future. It’s a sequel to the “The Circle” which was made into a movie a couple years ago. It was a fascinating and slightly terrifying look at life where all decisions are made for us by AI and giant corporations.

I also was sure to watch a bunch of Christmas movies, especially my favourites: The Holiday (Jack Black & Kate Winslet are so wholesome) and Klause (on Netflix). Between the Christmas and the New Year, I also made sure to catch the new Disney movie Encanto which was wonderful!

Lastly, my spouse and I took time to go on a “date” and spend time at a new business in Yellowknife called Cetana. We spent 90 minutes floating in sensory deprivation pods which was insanely relaxing and helped soothe some achy muscles. I highly recommend! This was my second float and I hope to go back again soon.
(I actually photographed this business recently, as I shared on Instagram, for a project. It’s a really cool place and I was honoured to showcase this cool new place!)

What did you do over the holiday season? Were you able to find time for you or things you enjoy? Comment below.

On-Air Talent

Coming up this Saturday, December 18 from 8am-12pm MT, I will be on-air as a co-host for a Christmas radio show!

Why? I love Christmas and my husband has been a radio personality for his entire career and it is his passion. Kevin and I have been together for over 12 years and last year was the first time I finally went on-air with him.

What a thrill!

2020 Broadcast and yes, we rambled a bit.

There is something to be said for the adrenaline rush of talking off the cuff to an unknown audience; bantering and sharing stories about the holidays or discussing our least favourite songs of the season.

So I’m doing it again this year! Please send in your song requests or dedications through Kevin’s radio show Facebook page: or leave a comment below

Click here for the live broadcast on Cabin Radio this Saturday

Facebook LIVE for Your Business

Have you ever tried going LIVE on Facebook?

Going LIVE is probably one of the most cost effective ways to reach an audience on video.

Listed below are some pros and cons to consider before hitting that record button.


  • Free with limited equipment needed
  • Potential to attract a larger audience (approx. 28,780,000 Facebook users in Canada)
  • Immediate interaction and ability to provide information which shows transparency and authenticity
  • Content saves to Facebook so it is available after the LIVE stream
  • Commercial free!
  • Video as a format to view content is more desirable
  • No video editing required which makes a LIVE video a quick way to make content


  • Technical glitches such as slow wifi connection or loss of cell network connection
  • Blurry or choppy video because of connection issues
  • No viewers or engagement
  • What happens during the LIVE is recorded/unpredictability
  • Equipment battery failure

If going LIVE feels intimidating, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself such as writing a bit of a script or talking points that you can reference while speaking. You could also pretend you are talking to a friend and explaining your business and talking about how you got your business started. You could also create your own Q&A as a way to have content to talk about in case there is limited engagement.

Watch this video below to watch how to go LIVE on Facebook and how it can benefit your business:

Talking about Facebook LIVE for your business. #exsm5510

Posted by Michelle MacDonald Media on Monday, December 13, 2021

Final advice:
Feel free to start small by taking 5 minutes to introduce yourself and your business.

Or if you have further questions, contact me today!

3D Tours Now Available!

I am thrilled to announce that I am now offering 3D virtual tours using the iGuide camera system!

The iGuide camera creates 3D virtual tours of properties and floor plans that are hosted online for you or clients to view. As many people know, these 3D tours are being used by real estate brokerages everywhere including the three brokerages in Yellowknife.

Screenshot from

What makes this special is that I am the only independent owner of this equipment in Yellowknife. You no longer need to go through a real estate brokerage to get a virtual tour or floor plans of your property!

PLUS, I own the newest version of the iGuide, see illustration below for the comparison of the style.

What excites me about the new version of the iGuide is how light the camera is and also the time spent on-site creating the tour will be cut in half!

Who can benefit from this service?

  • Property owners for rental listings
  • Property owners selling privately
  • Interior designers
  • Construction companies
  • Commercial property owners

The list goes on! Anyone who has space that they want to showcase online basically. There are various options available as to how detailed floor plans can be and if the virtual tour is only available to you for reference.

Contact me today for more information, quotes or questions!


I have a great story from the fall of 2020.

I had been contracted by a local architect, Vince Barter to photograph a home he designed. It was my first time photographing a home in this way and I was nervous. Vince and I had only met through email and I had a basic idea of what he was looking for.

So I arrive at the home and I get started. Taking a bit of time looking at the home differently than I would would a regular real estate shoot. I was excited about so many aspects and potential shots. At that time I also met a couple other individuals, one being Charlotte Henry who had done the interior designing of the place. She asked for some photos as well. *gulp*

I’m pretty sure I started sweating like crazy and I was already nervous. The expectations! Interior design is not something I had experience in and again, similar to real estate but different. I had to trust myself, take a zillion photos on a tripod and then others freehanded. The home had also been staged which helped out a lot and made for some attention focused areas.

I really had nothing to worry about. The end results were fantastic! Not only are the photos some of my favourites but it solidified future projects with both Vince & Charlotte.

What do you like about the design of this home? Is there any elements that grab your attention?