Preparing a home for photos

Having a tidy and clean home for a photo shoot is extremely important. There is a lot to be done and below are tips that I have put together to help you out. Keep in mind that people want to visualize themselves in your space so less is always more!

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Why Real Estate

I have been photographing homes since 2015 when I was hired on at Century 21 Prospect Realty here in Yellowknife. My experience at that point was as a hobbyist so I had a lot to learn! It was a steep learning curve but in a few short weeks I picked up my first DSLR with a wide angle lens and got to work.

You’ll recognize this photo from the landing page of my website. One of my favourite photos from 2021.

I spent 3 years working at the brokerage taking photos of local homes – sometimes more than once! I tweaked my skills along the way, learning how to use editing tools in Lightroom and Photoshop. At one point, the agents joked about my “magical fairy dust” that made photos of homes look so good.

Every real estate photographer has a different eye but there are fundamentals to showcasing a home such as using a wide angle lens, always having three walls in a shot and balancing equal space between the floor and ceiling. Personally I also prefer shooting multiple exposures using as much natural light as possible and editing the final photos to make the home look fresh & bright.

Real estate photography is a niche skill to master and I am grateful that I was given the chance six years ago to discover and excel at it.

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To Blog or Not to Blog

The world of blogging was introduced to me back in 2003 while a student at Fanshawe College and it is something that has always interested me on a personal and business aspect.

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Is it still necessary for business today?


  • Blogging adds a personal touch to your business.
  • It provides an opportunity to share more information with customers about your business and provide useful insight they may not get anywhere else.
  • Blogging can also support more “meat” to your social media posts. A link can be added to a post for those who want to read more.
  • Blog posts can be re-purposed for social media content.
  • Drive traffic to your website which could become leads.
What do I blog about?
  • Think about topics related to your business that you enjoy talking about.
  • Info about what you want the public to know about your business and services.
  • Personal stories about how the business started and what it means to you.
  • Goals for the future or how you hope to impact your community.
When Posting:
  • Keep your posts simple and clean.
  • Use easy language and add graphics or photos to enhance the post.
  • Tag posts with categories such as: blog, business, services, helpful to help the SEO portion of your website.
  • Always include a call to action as a way to encourage engagement.

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” 

Brian Clark

Need some help starting? Here are some resources to get you inspired:
Mind Body Green
Frank Sonnenberg Blog
Little Fat Boy

If you are still stuck, just start writing. Keep a note pad or digital pad open on your phone so that when inspiration hits, you can write down some thoughts. It’s a great start!

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About Me

I am truly a self-taught photographer who has come a long way from taking photos on the family Canon point and shoot film camera. Photography has always been quietly sitting on the sidelines of my life but that all changed in 2012 when I moved to Yellowknife, NWT. The textures of freshly fallen snow on a rickety fence. Dancing northern lights on a dark road. Driving over an an ice road. In the isolated city, it is impossible not to snap the world around me.