Facebook LIVE for Your Business

Have you ever tried going LIVE on Facebook? Going LIVE is probably one of the most cost effective ways to reach an audience on video. Listed below are some pros and cons to consider before hitting that record button. Pros: Free with limited equipment needed Potential to attract a larger audience (approx. 28,780,000 Facebook usersContinue reading “Facebook LIVE for Your Business”

3D Tours Now Available!

The iGuide camera creates 3D virtual tours of properties and floor plans that are hosted online for you or clients to view. As many people know, these 3D tours are being used by real estate brokerages everywhere including the three brokerages in Yellowknife. What makes this special is that I am the only independent ownerContinue reading “3D Tours Now Available!”


I have a great story from the fall of 2020. I had been contracted by a local architect, Vince Barter to photograph a home he designed. It was my first time photographing a home in this way and I was nervous. Vince and I had only met through email and I had a basic ideaContinue reading “Collaboration+”

Preparing a home for photos

Having a tidy and clean home for a photo shoot is extremely important. There is a lot to be done and below are tips that I have put together to help you out. Keep in mind that people want to visualize themselves in your space so less is always more! You can also download theContinue reading “Preparing a home for photos”

Why Real Estate

I have been photographing homes since 2015 when I was hired on at Century 21 Prospect Realty here in Yellowknife. My experience at that point was as a hobbyist so I had a lot to learn! It was a steep learning curve but in a few short weeks I picked up my first DSLR withContinue reading “Why Real Estate”