Established in 2020, Michelle MacDonald Media is your resource for photography services related to real estate, interior design, products and architecture in Yellowknife, NT. Michelle MacDonald is the photographer that you need.

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Real Estate

One of the best ways to get attention for your real estate listing is high quality photographs. We can also help get photos of your projects that can be used for a property portfolio.

Virtual Tours

Need a 3D tour of your rental property, commercial space or apartment listing? We can provide that with a specialized camera.


We can provide you with photos of your product or food that can be used for marketing or your online store.


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I am truly a self-taught photographer who has come a long way from taking photos on the family Canon point and shoot film camera. Photography has always been quietly sitting on the sidelines of my life but that all changed in 2012 when I moved to Yellowknife, NWT. The textures of freshly fallen snow on a rickety fence. Dancing northern lights on a dark road. Driving over an an ice road. In the isolated city, it is impossible not to snap the world around me.

Michelle MacDonald