Geeking out: Midcentury Modern

In 2018 I was introduced to the amazing city of Palm Springs, California by friends when we joined them on vacation. These friends were absolutely enthralled with this city and we quickly found out why.

It’s a beautiful city filled with old Hollywood, midcentury modern architecture (MCM) and a beauty that’s hard to put in words. It’s a place where you can do whatever fits you. It’s a place that is relaxing and with opportunities to party or lose yourself at the casino. Even between us friends, we all had different ideas of what a vacation is and it fits all of us. We’ve toured Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon home, watched drag competitions at Hunters, rolled some dice at a couple casinos, hiked beneath towering palm trees and had fires under the stars. I absolutely adore the place and it has influenced my taste!

The three times that I’ve vacationed in Palm Springs, we have rented homes which has given me the opportunity to use my real estate photography skills (albeit having my gear on me so cell phone photos have had to do) and appreciate MCM design even more.

It has also influenced by home decor which I have slowly been changing to become more MCM style but most importantly, it has also shaped my business aesthetic!
About a year ago I worked with Sylvia at Signed to come up with a new logo design and I supplied her with this:

Which became my current logo and theme that I love:

You just never know where inspiration will hit and how it impacts various aspects of your life.

Is there a design or decor style that you love and want to incorporate it into your life?

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